Freedom Came at Last

August 2, 2011
By Brickwall BRONZE, N. Richland Hills, Texas
Brickwall BRONZE, N. Richland Hills, Texas
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Favorite Quote:
"Behind closed eyes lie the minds ready to awaken you" -Serj Tankian

Go, tell the world.
Do you think they'll listen?
And when your plans unfurl,
what will be your mission?

Have you lost your mind,
or can you no longer see?
This world is less than kind,
and they're all afraid of me.

So go on ahead,
and try to prove me wrong.
I'll watch you fall dead
and turn it into a song.

My nations will all sing it
once your gone and passed.
And one more little thing it
will be called "freedom came at last."

For in my eyes you left us,
when we were always there for you.
And when I speak of your treachery
they'll all see it that way too.

You see, you've liberated no one
not even yourself.
You come here preaching freedom
and yet you're in need of help.

The ones you sought to educate,
will see to your demise,
and all I'll have to do is state
that you spoke only lies.

So you see now I hold too much power
for you to have double crossed.
So just sit right there and cower
as you await your loss.

The author's comments:
Because history is written by the victor

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