A Thousand Masks

August 2, 2011
By dashi BRONZE, Brandamore, Pennsylvania
dashi BRONZE, Brandamore, Pennsylvania
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Don't be fooled by me, I have a thousand masks
One for each and everyday
They don't show you the real me or the things I would like to say
They show you things that you want to see
But I know that they are not the real me
There's a person in there trying to break free
And that my friend is the one true me
The one that is different, unique and sincere
To bad it's not present cause I'm not really here
I put up a mask and hide myself away
I put up a new on the start of each day
My facade is a good one, who no one has broken through
But deep down theirs a good heart if only someone knew
Though I rarely speak whats on my mind
Listen to the words that are other than mine
So much is left unspoken
In this facade which I have made
One of a thousand masks that makes the real me fade
When I talk to you please listen, there are things I must say
They are things that make me cry each and everyday
But I can't let you through and you won't ever break through
Of a mask, a thousand masks I wear in front of you.

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