Make Cookies, Not War

July 29, 2011
Why is war so

It is not


Nor is it

War is not a still life painting-
It is not lovingly created and sculpted to perfection…

It is not painted with lively greens and blues…it is not a creation of nature…but of human nature.

It is an abstract splatter of hate and death and murder in which colors, shades and tints of red mar the white canvas of the living Earth.

Soldiers can seem like pawns in a chess game-you never see the individuality,
Never see the emotions or ambitions or dreams of each face…of each soul…

Just numbers.

A lot of the time we see war as this blank word without any meaning behind it…
But this is wrong.

Three letters.

One syllable.

Over 6 billion people affected with each deadly outbreak of the epidemic.
End the madness.
Stop the slaughter.
Make cookies, not war.

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