Break my heart and scar my soul

July 29, 2011
By indy500 BRONZE, Grand Rapids, Michigan
indy500 BRONZE, Grand Rapids, Michigan
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"Daddy Dearest,"

"Do you realize that
memories fade,"
the waves wash them away
they get

Shattered across

the roaring sea
pain stays forever,"

struggling against
the tides until

Scars form

and hearts break

Break my heart and scar my soul,
"Don't you realize that
forgiveness is a curse"

Rhode never could
control the seas

without Poseidon

The author's comments:
Explanation: My poem is expressing the hurt and anger I have at my dad for him leaving through an extended metaphor of the sea. However, the last stanza shows that, in the end, he is my dad and no matter how much he hurt and/or put me and my mom through, I cannot help but forgive him. My relationship with my dad inspired me to write this poem. The overall idea is that sometimes the people we look up to do stupid things, but they didn't mean to hurt us and sometimes we just need to to forgive them, which is the hardest part. For me, my poem is about a daughter needing her father, (Rhode is Poseidon's daughter) no matter what. But my hope is that the idea of the poem will reach out to many others.

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