Down the Hallway

June 21, 2011
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I spectate in adoration
Like a loner does,
To the minuscule
Details of a flower

Gazing a your hair
As it dances in duet
And waves with the wind
Accompanied by the soft symphony of your breath…
The human form of petals
Fluttering in affinity with the sway of a peaceful spring breeze

Walking with silk smooth grace
Hovering with every step

While you vent and I adsorb
In every inhale
That sweet sensual smell of, Fertility
Like endless rows of red roses
Caressed by shirting air
Promoting them to stretch their redolent-tantalizing fragrance
My eyes follow that feminine figure
Tracing the outline of
Every enticing curve
That swerves and serves me
As a visual delicacy

With every
Switch, Switch, Switch.
Of those magic hips

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