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June 19, 2011
What was the female in her original form?
Was she cut, tucked, tampered with, and torn?
Lately the only women I see are tampered with, tucked
Young Girls think its natural the concepts sucks!
Magazines with Skinny bodies, swollen tits Television screaming “YOU NEVER BE FIT!”
The media makes me goddamn sick!
The social norm has become to look like a stick
I ask a question now out of anger, out of shame, in the mists of confusion and pain,
When did starvation become the movement of the nation?
When did food become evil temptation?
When did curves become the source of irritation?
When did emaciation become “salvation?”
When did we become the size zero generation?
When did the women become nothing but skin and bones?
When fat equal muscle tone?
What’s the allure of a collar bone?
Most look at their reflection and find every imperfection believing the beauty within deserves no attention
Somewhere out there’s a woman, a teen, a girl dying, crying, trying, to break the barriers of her body America is supposedly “the land of the free” But it seems more like a young women’s death trap to me

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