Oh My, Beauty

July 29, 2011
“Oh, Dear Sleeping Beauty,” he cried,
Down below the tall tower,
His face covered in soot and sweat that has dried,
As the bright sun’s rays began to cower.

“Where art thou, my sweet love?
For I have fought valiantly,
Where art thou, my sweet love?
For I shall not leave ‘till I see thee.”

And he waited and waited,
‘till the last of the sun’s rays declined,
And as the sun itself slowly abated,
He said, “Where art thou, my love,” one last time.

And when no reply came he began to climb,
His legs against the wall moving tirelessly,
Like a man running out of time,
As if his sleeping beauty will get up and leave thee.

When he reached the top,
He immediately kissed the girl,
But lo! nothing happened,
For on her bed she lay still curled.

And then a thought came to him,
“What if Beauty was…”
And so he ran back down,
And called for a another beautiful lass .

When the girl came at last,
She hesitated then said,
“What do I do now?
In order to get her out of her bed?”

The prince told her...
Then she said, “Okay…
But…’tis kind of strange, dear sir,
And I’m afraid it will only lead to your dismay.”

But she did what she was told,
She kissed the young Beauty,
And, Lo and Behold!
Beauties’ eyes opened wide, and she smiled, winked, and said, “What a cutie.”

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