playing hide and seek

July 29, 2011
I’m afraid to turn the page,

and see the black ink letters of my fate.

For the reaction that will contort my face,

will be visible to merely anyone paying attention.

All I’ve been praying for is a new chapter,

but how come it’s not up to me to label the title?

Is it that hard to grip that this is my own life,

I sail each and every direction of it.

However, I forget that there are people who influence this precious thing called life.

There will always be a protagonist and antagonist, it’s a matter of learning how to react and face them.

No matter how much pain my soul protects from me,

it always seems to slide in between the cracks.

This prolonged game of hide and seek can not go on any longer.

For, I am tired and sore of waiting for this predator to find me.

Conflict will be visible no matter where I hide,

the only thing I can control

is the way I respond to it.

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