July 28, 2011
By honesty17 BRONZE, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
honesty17 BRONZE, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
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Favorite Quote:
life is to short to live in the past

losses so big,
friendships so strong.
A heart of gold.
When some can have these traits,
It seems like, that someone is fake
but to truly look into it is to be alive.
To lose is to win in another eye's
but to another it's a lifetime of failures.
A winner maybe clever but he's not.
So to lose is to become gold
which is the hearts desire
to have a friend is to become strong
but to be strong you need to control your mind and that's pure silver.
You may not understand still.
A trophy is gold or silver'
so peoples' biggest trophy is they're heart It's something most people want but can't obtain.
They're biggest metal is they're mind and it is as valuable as silver
It's a heart and mind that is not winnable
So it is always the people who can put ark into three words they own these jewels

Ark = act of random kindness
It's the jewel everyone throws away
but it's what changes the lives of many

The author's comments:
I can't really say what inspired me to write this. I was in class and we had a free day. which is were we can do anything so i watch Evan Almighty. So at the end of the movie were they talked about the word ark i just started thinking about it. Then i started writing. I really hope that people will read this and think about how kindness can change a person i remember a time were i gave some poor guy on the street money it was about 20 dollar and he used it to get food he said hank you and god bless. it made me feel good to put a smile on someones face.

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