On this day.

July 23, 2011
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On this day, a family were torn apart. Not by greed, not by selfishness, not by petty differences, but by fate.
On this day, someone was taken away. Taken away to a place that people say is better than our own. But nobody knows, so how can we be sure.
On this day, a heart stopped beating. A heart that was meant to beat for many years more.
On this day, I realised life is not guaranteed. Life is unpredictable. Life comes free to us, but at what price exactly.
On this day, an invisible earthquake shook me up, as well as the earth around me. Powerful. Natural. Unseen.
On this day, I made a wish. I wished for time to rewind, to bring you back.
On this day, I wished that this day had not come.

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