A Summary of Catherine Called Birdy

July 23, 2011
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Catherine’s nickname is Little Bird
She hates all suitors take my word

She writes a journal for her brother Edward
He thinks she’ll mature and move forward

She does endless chores which she really doesn’t like
She is sick of it she’d rather take a hike

Her father wants to marry her to anyone
No matter how awful as long as he’s a rich one

While all this is happening her mom comes by
Demanding a lady but Birdy failing every try

Then comes Master Lack-Wit, suitor number one
He had hair coming from his ears, certainly no fun

Catherine gets rid of him in a clever way
She put bones in her hair, but there’s more to say

Birdy rubbed her nose red and made her teeth black
He really seemed to hate it, for he didn’t come back

There were much more suitors to annoy Little Bird
Birdy sent them packing no matter how absurd

Then came Shaggy Beard the worst of all
Could he be the cause for Birdy’s downfall?

The ugly new suitor drove Birdy mad
For six whole months, yes this was really bad

Soon Catherine saved a very troubled bear
From being attacked by some dogs at the fair

But Shaggy Beard paid for the bear she bought
Now they are betrothed no matter what she thought

No one now could help the girl for she lost the war
But at least the bear would no longer be sore

Catherine had actually tried to run away
She went to her uncle’s house on the wedding day


No matter how far she runs she can’t get away
She always has to be herself what more to say

But Shaggy Beard died in a brawl that day
Now Stephen will marry her so let’s shout “Hooray!”

For Stephen is young and he is clean
He loves to learn as Catherine has seen

Catherine will marry very very soon
Let’s review what she learned before YOU leave school in June

You should always be yourself, and always be kind
Be determined and courageous they’re the best traits you’ll find

Catherine had learned a lot that year
Her life is now bright with nothing to fear

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