Mere Thoughts

July 23, 2011
By Anonymous

As I sat in my room I couldn't help but wonder the connection between teen love and life.
If you were to ask someone their biggest fear they'd probably say death.
But is it really death they're afraid or is it what happens AFTER we die ?
Same as teen love; we're not afraid to defy our parents, we're not afraid to take the chance, but we're afraid of the aftermath.
You exchange " I love yous' " , now what ?
Sometimes I wonder how everything would end but a wise person once told that if you spend your entire life asking questions and afraid; you won't have any life left.
So from now I'm going to stop asking so many questions and allow life to answer them for me.
I'm not going to be afraid to love others & I'll allow them to love me.
I'm not going to be afraid to have my voice heard when I have something to say.
So if you have a thought - shout it out; make sure your voice is heard.
What you have to say is important.
What your feeling towards a person is important.
And you will make a difference as long as your heard.
Love, live, and prosper because life is too short to spend it on all of your mere thoughts.

The author's comments:
I've been having many emotional breakdowns as I'm recovering from depression and after an almost fatal attempt of suicide I figured it was time to start talking.

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