What life Is For

July 23, 2011
By kkgrly BRONZE, Williamsburg, Massachusetts
kkgrly BRONZE, Williamsburg, Massachusetts
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Favorite Quote:
"Dream as if you'll live forever. Live as if you'll die today."

Life is for feeling the sun on your skin, and dancing in the rain.
For eating juicy fruits, then creamy chocolates.
It´s for swimming in bikinis, and buying clthes
For loving the wrong person, before the right one.
For kissing in the snow and sleeping under the stars
Lifes for working hard.
But playing even harder.
Life is about doing something new every day.
It´s about making misttakes, and getting scars.
For speeding down highways and kicking in doors.
For counting the joys, not stacking up sorrows
It´s for dancing or singing to all the songs
Lifes about knowing more the everyone, while still knowing nothing at all.
And Living in the moment, not in the past.
In life, heads belong in the clouds, hearts should go even higher.
Life is there so we can wear nail polish as we run in track shorts.
Life is for mournings and mornings.
And Griefs and gifts.
Life is for alluring alliteration and redundant redudancy.
It´s for celebrating each year, with all the new chapters.
Lifes for teaching.
For being taught.
Life is for movies, but better books.
Life is for taking everything in, and tuning everything out.
It´s for dumb thing that we need anyways.
Life is for laughter.
Life is for love
Life is for living.
Life is once.

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