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July 23, 2011
By Rubwazz BRONZE, Lauderhill, Florida
Rubwazz BRONZE, Lauderhill, Florida
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Favorite Quote:
"Reality is merely an illusion, albeit a very persistent one."- Einstein

a dark evening was set upon us
fog had clouded our most simple vision
they were running everywhere and nowhere
yelling, laughing, and fighting
abruptly the noise had stopped
silence was set, staring right at us
the air was now tempered with
a sore cloud elevated from the ground
a circle was cast around it
as i approach horror blinded me
my face stroked with abomination
abhor by this sight unseen
a little girl not more than five
she was laying inert face down on the ground
lifeless as the blood rushed out of her
her Latin skin was now cold, pale and morbid
her long curly hair soaked
suddenly strained in to a position of submission
i scream from the top of my lung
this ripping in my chest biting my heart
and forever was i cursed to never forget her
as they her elevated from the grounds
the timber slice now embedded
the drops of blood echoing in my ears
her face engraved in my memory
her beautiful face was no longer
just a mere illusion of loathe
eyes half opened gawking at my soul
nose now distorted with the dirt filling it
her mouth dulled by the lack of gore

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