shadows of the heart...

July 23, 2011
By taxidriver-logan PLATINUM, Plano, Texas
taxidriver-logan PLATINUM, Plano, Texas
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the ones that hide

the ones that cry

the ones that develop with every breath we take

every move we make

every time we say hello

every time we say goodbye

anytime we sorry

our hearts change

we build

we grow

every fiber of our being learns to cope
we never seem to see the changes in ourselves

but we see others reactions to ourselves

if we take the chance to see beyond ourselves
we strive for acceptance from others

but we live for acceptance of ourselves
we search for others hearts and their sous

and on the way we search for ourselves
we leave no one alone

yet we continue to stay alone ourselves
we keep the composure of faces and masks'

yet we scream and cry on the inside
we live

yet hoping for an end

a way out
a change from others

but we unknowingly beg for a change in ourselves
we cannot ignite the change

we can change
we cannot ignite the spark

we can find the match
we split our personalities

becoming one in the end
we split our soul

becoming whole during the finish
we split our heart

becoming complete during the fight

yet taking it apart at every new turn

piecing it back together when it falls apart

it cannot be done alone

we become one person from the people around us

taking every tear




meshing it with the heart we have

the love we own

the compassion we give

creating millions of shades

but one sunshine

bringing all the shadows of the heart

into one

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