My Garden

July 23, 2011
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When I was among the evergreen,
I found a garden so unseen
Whose willow branches touched a part
Of my simple, nature loving heart

As I walked around and 'round
I noticed something very odd
Wooden hands that sprouted from the ground
So gnarled that they looked quite flawed

With spindly fingers that cradled leaves
These things soon led me to believe
They would be bare and covered with snow
Among the time of Christmas Eve

Alas, who was I to stand and stare?
I knew I had to keep on going
Sadly, it was only there
I ever thought a tree was mind blowing

In the distance, my eye was caught
By a glimmer in a tranquil lake
So beautiful it was, I thought
I had to look, for goodness' sake

A pond of lilies with spots of green
That floated peacefully on the stream
And little turtles that swam so deep
To only tread back and fall fast asleep

So I followed the gravel path
That led me to a waterfall
And soon I saw its angry wrath
Suddenly, I felt so small

Where does all this rushing water go?
Why it leaves, I do not know
In a hurry, probably so
What a sight, to watch it flow

I do know where this water leads
To a place where waters can be free
To a place where they can do as they please
I do where this water leads

What a beautiful place for a curious mind
Where you find what you need and need what you find
This peaceful garden, I call it mine
It and I do intertwine

When I was among the evergreen
I found a garden so unseen
That buzzed with life, yet was still pristine
My lovely little garden scene

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