Seems Only Like Yesterday

July 22, 2011
By Barbie_Girl GOLD, Woodstock, Virginia
Barbie_Girl GOLD, Woodstock, Virginia
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Seems like only yesterday you were right beside me. Laughing and taking hold of the world without a care. Days soon were to fly by like a star falling from the sky. All was well till the day came, you told me you were no longer like me but soon to be an enlisted man. Everything changed between you and I. You grew stricter, serious, and to me more like a stranger than ever before. Now you willl soon be in boot camp away from us all, in a place most say is the closet thing to hell. No longer willl you me one of us but sooner than ever willl you be one of them. A robot soldier in our United States Arm forces.One day you"ll find your self farther from home than you have ever been before. For home shall always be where you hang your hat and that place willl all was be the U.S.A. With the rest you willl stand with your had full with a loaded gun, your hear full of the love of your country and those you love, but your head shall always be full of the number one mission and to fulfill that mission even if it means you willl have to give the ultimate sacrifice for what you love. Running through the desert and unknown lands. but the memory of all will be in your memory, and all hose days we have already shared willl as well. To me even if you are much farther than i can see when i remember you it all seems the same. When I see you next i hope you are alive in well,
not in a little black box which news is ill. Alas. Seems only like yesterday.

The author's comments:
This peace is for all my dear friends and family members who are in or soon going into our arm forces. God Bless each and everyone of them. And i hope to see each and everyone of you all alive and well. Good luck and I love you all.

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