July 23, 2011
Look, look at the sunset,
love is written there. Behind the beauty is a love so strong.
A love that can move your mountains.

Look, look at the beauty in front of you.
The beauty that seems to mask the pain of yours and so many others.
The pain that creates long salt water streams that flow down the kaleidoscope colors surrounding you.

Listen, listen, can you hear it?
Someones knocking on your door.
Well, open it. Open it so the knocker may enter.
He wants to to remodel your heart.
He wants to wipe clean the books that are filled with the dark world you've been living for so so long.
He saw the help wanted ad in the newspaper and only wants you to accept him for the task of changing your life.

Listen, listen to what he says.
It's important. So pay attention now.
He only wants to help you off the floor and illuminate your sky with bright stars and full moons.
His promises are true and his love is pure. His voice is sweet and his arms are strong.
So what are you waiting for?
Take the hand that will lead you onto a new road. Exempt from the potholes, cracks, bumps you've tripped over many, many times before.
Aren’t you tired? Tired of this defective heart that always leads you into danger zones that you can't seem to get out of.
Well give it away. Give it to this guy. Maybe he can fix it.
Of course he can.

Watch, Watch him as he examines and searches it
As he removes all the junk and gunk and muck.
As he puts back together the broken pieces.
As he hands he hands back with gentle care.

Take it, take the heart he's repaired for you.
Oh, but remember it's his now. Don't give it to anyone else.
Not a soul.
Take the hand he's holding out.
He's got the flashlight you've been searching for.

Take it, take the friendship he's offering.
Treasure it.
Now tell people. Tell them about your new best friend.
He's not a secret. Tell them how he born in a manger.
Tell them about the carpenter who can fix whats broken.
The broken souls, hearts, lives, homes, relationships.

Look, look ahead of you. Not behind.
Take the review mirror off. Don't look back.
Why, would you want to look back at the old stuff.
Look ahead to the endless possibilities.
Do you see it, do you see your promised destination.
It's yours. Let the one beside you carry you through the obstacles,
direct you through the detours, and close the canyons that separate you.
And look, listen, tell, and show. Are you doing it.
Well, what are you waiting for.
Might as well get started.

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