a thousand times to say goodbye

July 22, 2011
By taxidriver-logan PLATINUM, Plano, Texas
taxidriver-logan PLATINUM, Plano, Texas
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it takes only a few words

but so much time for it to sink in

i am leaving

this is the last time

i'll see you soon

see you tomorrow

it takes so little energy to say

so little thought of saying it

but we never keep in mind

it could be the last time
fate could step in

and take that person away forever

and then..that goodbye doesn't mean a thing

it wasn't a true goodbye

it all may end tomorrow

or in 2012

yet we'll never know

we never know which goodbye will be the last

but we say goodbye anyway

never thinking of the consequence

never wondering what if
but we can't live our life in fear

so where is the line

where do we cross

where do we stand

we may never know
but we do know

it takes time to say goodbye

forever to say goodbye

heart to say goodbye

or no heart at all

but no matter what

it is still a goodbye

one we can never take back

one that when it escapes our mouths its gone forever

traveling into the unknown

tempting fate to come into play
then there are the goodbyes we all have to say

the ones that hurt us

the ones that will eventually do us good

the ones we regret the moment we say them

but they can never be taken back

never forgotten
we all know it takes a thousands times to say goodbye

but it takes a thousand more times to say...

im sorry that i ever said goodbye

im sorry for the pain i caused you

im sorry for everything i've done

im so sorry it took this long for me to realize

im so sorry i left

but im not sorry i came back

im not sorry that i love you

im sorry that i hurt you

im sorry i said goodbye

but never the less

they both hurt

and they take a thousand times to say

and a thousand and one times to believe

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