the art of disappointment

July 22, 2011
it is a skill

to understand and take

to know and dish out
it is a tragedy

it is a blessing in disguise

something that never ceases to leave no matter how much we want it to
it scars




leaving us empty

in dismay

wondering why weren't we good enough for someone to try

why can't we win just once

why is it always me

why can't something go right every once in a while

just sometime..please?
we can never understand fully why we get disappointed

or why it can never be right

or what could've been
but when we disappoint

we disappoint not only the disappointie

but ourselves

and that is worse that any pain we bring

to others

to ourselves

and they are two completely different things

and two different pains
we can't live with them

but we can't live without them
they give us something love can't

they teach us how NOT to be

how NOT to lie

how to ONLY be me

ONLY you
they give us the heart and love that love can't give

they give me

they give me





more tears

but a shimmer of light

to learn the art

of just getting by

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