Avengeing Angel

July 22, 2011
The sickle reaps,what it sows
The consquence is already known
as the blood flows
she doesnt care for all the lies,or broken tears
she doesnt let her pity show
Because your a sacrifice
But that was already known
so Your fear is already here
your already shaking and nobodies there
hoping not to die here
knowing what she wants is those
who sinned to pay the price
who failed to follow the rules she bestowed
she's out for heads that's all we know
Her truth is spoken,but not literally shown
The risen Avenging Angel collects those who have sinned
And she's like an angel from up above
with beauty and grace
You could only dream of
With those who are strangers just so you know
she's lethal and dangerous
she's the Avenging Angel

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