story ever changing

July 22, 2011
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Lies!!! All Lies!
All my life I had perceived,
I was this person and developed ties
to bind, so strong, but now I learn I was deceived.

But now I learn the truth,
and Its all to much.
Too many stories. Too much proof.
I'm scared me and reality are losing touch.

I'm bending.
No I take that back.
I'm breaking.
I'm a mirror to which a fist offered a sudden smack.
I'm shattering.
And I'll never be able to put the pieces back.
The pieces are falling.
Into a cavern painted black.

I'll never climb out.
Maybe that's good.
My soul is brittle. It never was stout.
Maybe I'll do as I should,
and give up the count.
Let it all go, if only I could!
Frustration and pain fill me and I want to shout!

I want hope, I want peace.
I have doubt, I have pain.
I want comfort, like a warm blanket of fleece.
I have despair, like a puppy left in the rain.

So broken and alone I sit.
Thoughts racing.
Not knowing what to do to solve it,
my dilemma. my life. the story ever changing.

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