Mirror Image

July 22, 2011
The tears slide down my cheeks,
And the darker parts of my soul,
Slowly consume me,
And nothing is loyal.
Pretty little girls,
Flash their head turning smile,
They don’t know how lucky they are,
To have anything in the shortest while,
Alone and cold,
I let out the sighs,
And remember everything,
All of the pain and all of the lies.
My mirror is my only friend,
It never lies to you,
Never shows you a false image,
It’s always sincere and true.
What I have the potential to be,
Is shown on the other side,
But instead I’m sitting here in the dark,
Trying not to cry.
A mirror image of remorse,
Pain, ignorance, and regret,
Reflects upon a mirror image,
Of happiness too infinite.
Why can’t it be that easy?
Change the way like they do in books?
Reform the way their heart beats?
Have the most amazing looks?
I want to be that girl,
On the other side,
This reflection looking back,
Sees me and thinks it’s a lie,
But it’s me,
It’s the way I am,
Wanting to change but lost,
A lion looking back at a lamb.
I’m not strong,
But fight against violence,
I can hear the mirror screaming back,
My ears bleed of silence.

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