Dark Corners

July 22, 2011
By Anonymous

Dark corners can be your best friends,
When you have no one to go to in the world,
My distressed, broken heart,
is slowly dieing in them all alone,
I cry tears in pain as my prophecy foretold,
Sitting in the rain, drenched in my own wounds,
My soul needs to be healed,
As I remember hanging myself on broken dreams,
I turn up the music to drown out my life,
I can't live with so much pain and sorrow,
Rescue me from destiny before the tides pull me in,
Please listen, for I can't yell any louder,
With my hands tied in restricting chains,
I waste away in the dark,
With the realization,
That you're not coming to save me,
And as I shed my last tears,
The angel of death takes my hand,
And guides me down the path to my end,
I can't help but look back into the distance,
To see my broken promises,
Feed off my corpse soaked in lies and fear,
While it forever lies in the dark corner,
That once belonged to me.

The author's comments:
This is what I felt one night when I couldn't sleep. The words came easily and although it doesn't rhyme (most of my poetry does) it's in my opinion one of my best works.

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