Escape from love

July 22, 2011
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You command my heart, mind and soul. With a thief’s touch you stole my judgment.
I became a slave, shackled by desire, abused by my master with love.
You flung words at me like a cat of nine tails,
Each phrase of adoration, cleaving the sinews of my heart
As your fingers floated across my skin, as the caress of clouds on blue spring sky,
The fibers of my being were racked with spasms of passion.
Your eyes bore through me, a white hot nail through the flesh of a succulent fruit.
Your kiss set my skin ablaze, as a spark sets fire to a parched forest.
Your voice, a legion of angels, engulfed me.
Yet for all of this, you are like the moonlight invisible when the sun is in the sky,
Or a rainstorm, forgotten during a drought.
When I look for you, I find no evidence of your existence.
Your voice is nothing more than an echo, your touch, just the embrace of the wind.
You are all but gone, solidified only in my memory.
Your malevolent love; no more than a season of my life, a trail to endure, a lesson to learn.
The person you destroyed was nothing more than a cocoon, a shadow of what may be.
Of all the lessons I learned from you this is the greatest:
You may command my heart, mind and soul, but I command you,
And I command this of you, Be Gone!
My heart is my creation, my mind is my adventure and my soul belongs to no one.

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