the final time...

July 22, 2011
By , Plano, TX
no matter how many times we promise not to do it again

it always comes back to us somehow

reminding us we are still what we were

we are still fighting it

we have to fall again to rise back to the top
it isn't easy

each time we fall more time is placed in between

making it so much harder to fall back

making it so easy to give up

its not ok

but its part of recovery
we can give in

or we can resist

either is hard

but only one will rise above

sometimes we have to lose

to remember what we are fighting for

as a reminder to go on
i have fallen

i gave in

only yesterday

only this morning

but this afternoon i am standing up

this afternoon i will not give in

this afternoon the cycle starts over

the addiction that never truly left comes back

the fight brings itself to the surface

im back at day 1

ready to fight

no matter how many more times i fall

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