Heaven Help Us

July 26, 2011
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I knew the she she used to be,
I know the girl today,
Afraid to love,
Afraid to try,
For my sake, do it anyway.
I know you know me,
You don’t care,
But heavens knows I’ll do anything,
Follow you anywhere.
Please look at me,
I know your name,
Please accept you’re not the only one in the world
Who can play this little game.
As much as I wish it were true,
The odds are not with me right now,
But we’re holding hands,
I don’t know why I don’t know how.
Heaven help us,
Heaven help the star-crossed lovers who’ve lost their way
We’re getting pulled into
Another world,
I can’t take this for one more day.
It’s killing her, it’s killing me,
But the world’s blind to his rule.
As they watch the blood fall down
From just a boy
And just a girl
Heaven help us,
Heaven help the two who are just trying to survive,
We’re getting lost in
This other world,
And heaven knows we’ve tried
We try to live,
We try to run,
We try to stop
What has begun,
It’s getting to be
That even if we
Manage to get free,
She’ll never love me again,
If she did before
Then by all means
Help us by saving all our lives,
Heaven help us

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