Love Ever Lasting

July 16, 2011
By Anonymous

Love everlasting,
Pain and betrayal foreseen
Save me from the darkness,
Before I break at the seam.
Bright light,
Loving arms
Nothing I know.
Nothing I’ve ever had.

Leave me be,
Pain in my heart,
Darkness I will forever see.
My naive heart took a great blow.
And now I sink, forever gone,
Into the blackness around me.
Dark eyes,
Pierce me, see through my mask.

Red eyes, leave me be!
Red eyes, stop seeing through my facade.
Someone, please, love me!
Fear and pain,
My only friends,
Forever by my side,
Keep me from insanity.
But insanity seems like such a good comfort now.

So slowly I die.
Inside my shell,
Only soulless ness is there.
Red eyes pierce through the darkness.
Bright light blinds my sight.
My life has gone,
Left me with this dark night.
No stars, just black, and these red eyes.

Love ever lasting,
Pain and betrayal foreseen,
Deaths depart, forever enduring.
So many things, wrongly I perceived.
Soon I will say goodbye.
And now I…
Cease to Breath.

The author's comments:
This piece, like most of my pieces, was born out of bordom during class. I was sitting in my Digital Communication Tools class, already done with my work, and had a random idea to make a poem out of the ending I had on my "bucket list". The ending is the Japanese translation of the last three lines "Soon I will say Goodbye, and now I...Cease to breath", though the last line originally ready "and now I die." I could never find a translation for "die" so I went with "cease to breath".

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