Dear Father

July 15, 2011
Someone tell me it's all going right,
his smile haunts me through the night,
I toss and turn,
can't help myself,
he's after me and I'm losing my might.
It's what you've wanted all along,
even though you're the one who's wrong,
I've suffered all the while,
and you just ran and hid,
I'm f***ing glad you're gone.
Shouldn't need a mirror to see you're weak,
there's not one damn promise you could keep,
I needed you then,
but I don't need you now,
I won't let you get skin deep.
Go find something to sink your teeth in,
for your luck seems to be wearing thin,
I've played all your games,
but I've won this time,
go lie in the grave you've dug yourself in.

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realbeautifulheart said...
May 11, 2012 at 1:00 pm
Good poem which truly expresses your emotions. When I vent, I don't usually do it in poem but I think you do great at it. So, as dark as this is compared to your other works, good job :) I enjoyed it and could relate.
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