Vision Through the Television

July 15, 2011
By , Schaumburg, IL
What most people watch on television
Are Disney Channel and Nickelodeon
Ion and Tbs
Oh, and movies are always the best

But my most favorite thing to see
Doesn’t require turning on the TV screen
All you need to do is observe quietly
And you’ll discover several secrets about your family

From my angle facing the tv
I sit on the couch, pretending to read
Occasionally I sneak peeks at the reflecting television
I learn many things from this notion

I catch my brother picking his nose
Then wiping it on his clothes
I see my cousin rolling her eyes at my book
And when I turn to her, she gives me that fake sweet look

I notice my sister looking for something around the house
I don’t become curious about it because I know it’ll soon be found
And as I figured it did; my dad hands her the remote, and excitement ignites
But once my eyes find the television screen another time

I see Spongebob SquarePants take the place of my nose-picking brother
On the television screen, my eyes glue on, and helplessly wonder
Until I come to my senses, finally
“Hey, wait a minute… who turned on the TV?!”

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