loving him with every piece of my broken heart

July 28, 2011
"I see him in away other don't, I see what he don't even see in him self. In my eyes he perfect, intelligent,funny, caring, and fine as he**... He was there when i felt like i was alone in this big cold world, when I couldn't find the strength in myself to go on or love myself.. he lifted my spirits, he gave me something i looked for my whole life, something a little girl wants from her father that never was there, he gave a friend through the rough time, he gave me LOVE. So how can he take my soul and happiness away from me???? I feels in my heart he still in love with me but than again I have no clue..I wants to break down in cry, but I cant.. I can only shed tears in the in side but no one can hear that.. My body yearns for him, but only thing I can do is keep my feelings inside, put a smile on her face and LOVE HIM WITH EVERY PIECE OF HER BORKEN HEART

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