I'd Rather He Died

July 28, 2011
By , Vancouver, WA
When i think about it
My eyes still burn
And i cant always surpress
The tears deep inside.

When it just bundles up
If i see something similiar
It reminds me of what i've lost
Never to have again.

My abandonment is hiden
From the worlds blind sight
I wont show anyone else
How he left me inside.

Never will i say daddy again
Though my true fathers still breathes
And calls me now and then
The man, my ex-father, abandoned me just last year.

I did nothing wrong
It wasn't my fault
But he still turned away
And yelled at me cold.

What a sick smile
He had on his face
When i shrank away
Face full of fear.

I cannot understand
I can not even comprehend
How he thought it alright
To be a ba*****s left hand.

He never has hit me
With a rod or a belt
But he beats me with his words
Which are worse everyday.

I would hide in my room
And cower in my place
So i didnt have to see
Hiss grinning fake face.

Never will i say
These words again
Because now i hate him
Goodbye atlast.

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