Oh, Boy

August 2, 2011
Oh, boy.
Did you know
That when you
It sets you apart
From the rest of my world?
Despite what I’ve become,
I wonder if you
Still love me.

I wish we still had that
One on one
Inside jokes
Just you and me know.
I liked it when
you put your hands
On my waist,
And we’d dance.

If only it was still
And we could still wrestle
In the grass.
Lay back
And watch the clouds go.
Have water fights
Drink out of the hose.

Oh, boy,
How I miss
Raking leaves
Just so we could
Jump into the pile.

What about
In the
When snowball fights erupted
And everyone would join in.
Or those long nights
Giggling at Santa’s elves on screen
Warm chocolate milk
Warm fire
The heat of your body
so close to me.

Later on
In the
Everything was fresh again

Oh, boy,
But we changed, too.
I just wish
We could start anew
And that
When we do
I won’t screw it up this time.

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