Use Well the Days

August 1, 2011
Be good,
my baby
for love is never always enough.
what the sweet things are and were and will be.
You will be there
to experience them
to relish the moment until the last star dies from the evening
and the first rays of umber brush across the dew studded horizon.
my baby
have always received love
and now
it is your turn,
your turn to give,
and through giving, you will receive.
Warmth will flood you.
Tears will drop from your eyes.
You will shake without shame, with open palms.
Do not fear emotion,
for it is what gave me love to give to you,
and it is what makes us all thrive,
and live,
and survive.
Emotion will always endure,
even when it seems to break you.
You must believe,
my baby.
I have been there to guide you.
I have given you so many things
and you, in return, have given back to me.
Remember the sweet things,
my baby.
Until I am back,
use well the days.

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