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August 1, 2011
By spiritwriter GOLD, Hicksville, New York
spiritwriter GOLD, Hicksville, New York
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"It's not a matter of "can I change the world," it's about "how do I want to change the world?""
-Severn Cullis-Suzuki

I wish that you would pay me no mind
for the mistakes you made
were much to harsh and unkind
to forgive
is not to forget

I have no intention
to speak of you softly
to treat you so gently
when it’s you who has robbed me

of everything I know
I’m wrung dry
of everything that’s inside
you’ve taken it all

you always said happiness couldn’t be bought
so to stay true,
it’s happiness you’ve stolen
from me

it’s not you that I need
it’s my life
my dreams,
my wonders
the ones you took with you
the day you left

the hopes that I had
got shifted through the cracks
of the sidewalk where I stood
when I watched you
fade away down the street

to start a new life,
a new beginning
that continues without me.
do you remember it
like I do?

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