Through Teenagers' Eyes

August 1, 2011
New sights are placed in their face,
Eyes opened up to the light and dark,
Try walking a day in a teenagers place,
Then you realize this is how we get scares.

Wanting a parents' love and a lover,
Wanting to "fit in",
Wanting the pain to be covered,
Wanting the adult hood to begin.

Afraid of being neglected,
Afraid of being alone,
Afriad of being targeted,
Afraid of their heart becoming broken.

Parent's get in fights and want divorces,
Teenager individuals become the new "untouchables",
Having painful wounds reopen,
Wishing that their life can take deaths toll.

Mentally scarred and physically abused,
Closed out from everyones sight,
Becoming a new toy for bullies amusement,
Having their loved on cheat on them and hate them with all their might.

Think back now,
Think we have a good time?
Imagine your teen-hood screaming loud,
And when you see us break down and cry,
Try to understand through our eyes...

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