Shattered Stars

August 1, 2011
What would sunlight look like if it shattered into a m i l l i o n p i e c e s?

Would it become a p a r t of a beautiful e.e cummings poem with metaphorical
words spilled on paper?

I s it strange to dream of this rhetorical question?

I want to s


e w h e r e the atoms would s p

t t e


a a

Would they f l o a t into the unknown?

Or would they staytogether hoping to find a new light?

I think they escape into the river gasping for air in search
of a new compound—-a surge strong enough to keep them together.

When people g o and s


a the light, are they given
pieces of the star, in hope to put the puzzle back to get her?

Would it be strange to see where the atoms would splatter?
I only wish to know if I can feel the aurora when ever the star dies
like my s






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