August 1, 2011
By Anonymous

Walls of cement block my heart
With laughs of sorrow, fake smile, or mindless chatter
The pain within the wall threatens at every crack
It will burst, sooner rather than later

I can’t hold in the river
That twinkles in my eyes
Blurring my thoughts, my vision
My brain says no, but my heart pleads yes

Does crying help lessen the pain?
Will the walls tumble and the waterfalls start?
Lying at the very bottom of the great abyss
Hoping, praying relief will shine my way

Taking calming breathes
Trying to reinforce the great cement walls
Blocking out the salty river
Isolating my with false laughter

Drama talking is what you think
An award winning actress always yearning for light
Making miserable misfortunes
Lying through her teeth

A mistake that opinion is
My smile doesn’t reach my heart
Walls of cement block all emotions
Now and forever

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