Star that Lights my Sky

August 1, 2011
Parallel my life to the barren night,
My heart lost in space, the final frontier
You would be the jeweled stars—my whole world’s light
Shedding brightness on my black atmosphere.

But the bloody sun creeps up from behind
Disintegrating you with his lingering touch
On our mistakes and past his light doth shine--
His dawn dooms us in letting the world see too much.

His fiery majesty steals the light from the stars,
Banned to shine in the black of another sky,
He tears the flesh of the love that is ours
The broken horizon bids you goodbye.

Though drowned by the sun, the stars still do shine,
Diamonds of heaven, their pale glow persists
And while your heavenly sight is blocked from my eyne
Like the stars , I know that my Romeo exists

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