A Masked Soul

August 1, 2011
For you, every day is just another scene--
Another chance to impress.
You probably thought that playing pretend
Would help compensate for your loneliness

Your life is a show—you slave for the crowd--
You live for their applause.
But every time you give them your heart,
All they notice are your flaws.

So you follow your script to please your audience,
And become the person you ought to be.
But beware that after the curtain falls,
You might lose your very identity.

Within time your superficial smiles
Will become the foundation to your soul.
You are nothing but the crowd’s charming little puppet
Deprived of your right for control

So I ask for you to take a look at yourself--
Remove the mask of makeup in which you hide.
You stare in disbelief at the face you’ve forgotten,
Buried underneath layers of lies.

And now you don’t know who you truly are
Life can be so unforgiving.
You’re not alone, though; I forgot myself too
And this is the show that I’m living.

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