Fallen Boy

August 1, 2011
The fallen boy—
Kissed by the stars,
Embraced by death—
Forever sleeps upon rippling black waters,
Safe among the cradling
Tears of angels.

Unseen from under the incandescent moonshine,
His nebulous eyes, (void of soul), hide behind a dewy lid,
Cloaking the scarred irises
That once withheld his message.
Spilled into the sea with his tears,
His discovery is now whispered among the wandering waves.

His fragile body,
Caressed by the splintered touch of stone,
lies broken with his dreams
as reflected in the sea—
like silver petals of star light.
In its light, see the faces of heaven.

So with lanky arms outstretched
The shy boy is submersed in the abyss’s
Deep breath of bubbles,
As his soul floats adrift
From Satan’s grasp,
To yet another horizon.

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