An Introvert's World of Wonder

August 1, 2011
By OceanOwl23 GOLD, Amarillo, Texas
OceanOwl23 GOLD, Amarillo, Texas
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Favorite Quote:
"love makes the world go 'round. Embrace it with your whole heart and live."

I breathe music
But I live only for God

I bleed poetry,
But I commit to art.

I sing with iron lungs,
But I play with such ease.

I have the wit of a scholar
But I yearn for the daydream.

I see past the cloudless sky,

And into the starry galaxies.
I wear a colorless mask,
But inside I thrive with color.

I love with all my being,
And pay for it gladly.

I cherish my reality,
But my heart lies in my crazy little world.

With a heart of an introvert,
But the will of a fighter.
With the soul of a lover,
But the boldness of a flower amidst darkness.
I live in a daydream.
Every Introvert’s World of Wonder.

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