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thats an understatment

August 1, 2011
By hannah16poet SILVER, Louisville, Kentucky
hannah16poet SILVER, Louisville, Kentucky
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Uniforms of society
Pushing forward in straight lines
Blinking in rhythm
From which someone else has defined
Searching for originality
I simply close my eyes to the world of perfection
I am nothing
No more of a person than the billions of others marching forward
Why don’t I follow on their beat?
Should I walk forward and join the crowd from which there opinions mean nothing
Or should I stop in my tracks and not give into their demands for me to follow
Observing there socially appropriate behaviors
I become sickened
I will not be uniformed
I will not walk the beat of which i'm expected
I will not hide from being independent
I will not feel bad for being different
I will not hate those who depend upon the crowed
However I will not support them
I will be unique and expressive
I will be undefined
I will follow the path I chose to follow
You might say that I don’t fit in
But that’s an understatement

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