can i get yo numba

August 1, 2011
weakness ceased by force, i guess love does run its course....
explosions on a massive scale with no profit or retail
wars run by men no room for females
guess that's why the history books story are of of re tales
f***, haze helps me meet Alice
the little bunny told me I'm not high enough to pass this
that's why all my stories are told in past tense
with a flip of a switch forward becomes backwards
destruction reconstructs into new constructs as they revert from annihilation
I search the abyss for something new to make old
to tell the story that's already been told
trying to cool down when it's already to cold
so it froze, suspended in tI'me and space
waiting for a new flame to come and replace the old
remember it froze...
summer heat touched by wet feet feel the breeze of the world
brightness turned up by the radiance of a girl
if i had to describe the motions they would be more of a swirl
built from the colors of the world
these girls, perfection at it's finest the only problem is ill never find it
the honesty of the situation had me blinded
i can never be to sure if i ever really tried it
in retrospect i say i get better from past attempts
but in that very moment the one became current tense
ahh the suspense...
built up to a gentle let down, i get pissed when the world tells me not to frown
the ground broken from my last break down
can i get a break now?
instinctually reactions makes things easy
as long as women look beautiful my lines will stay cheesy
hello world
meet me

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