baby sittin

August 1, 2011
By dante-virgil BRONZE, Kentwood, Michigan
dante-virgil BRONZE, Kentwood, Michigan
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sigh... this is my brain on drugs

i hate everything about my current situation
love doesnt come drugs not strong enough for sedation
no hands around to grasp for relations
now im left alone with facebook as my only way to relate it...
in a game with the odds agianst me im going hard
no greater power to call upon i never got help from god
no voices to listen to musics to loud
the shock of the bang has me listenen to pow
i cant say that this is all by choice
my curse from birth left me with no voice
but i speak anyway with no one to listen
despite it in reality im cocky so to compensate i doubt it
i miss the days where love surrounded everything about me
i believe in better days for now ill hold out g
wizz the dreams of a kid left unatended
now the fruit of the earth wants to repremend it
give it a place in the grand scheme of space
without a single human who can replace
the sigular black hole left with no control
to consume... holy trinity sun, earth and moon
god surrounds us ears perk up to listen
love is the thing im missin...

jack had me gripped by the tips
of the hairs on my body stand up
hands up to the ceilin if ya feelin a body buzz
light year to grasp the infinite space
if ya feelin kinda tipsy u should be at my place
to clear up any confusion thats only for females
i just wanna see her one more time
tell her what really happend in detail...
the way im sellin lies got me thinkin in retail
i miss my love

northern lights makes odd sights out of queer nights
black knights storm the castle kill the king no hassle
just tassles graduate into a world of darkness
to survive in america ya gotta be heartless
not pertained to the flame that burns in the youth
i say f*** you to anyone who says support the troops
killing justifed cause u say its for a cause?
tell that to the kid with no father bombs with no pause
war is never rectifyed we do nothing to stop it
till its to late f***.. the nukes they drop it
the worlds goin mad and im thinkin about women topless...
anything other then what u see holds the dead mans noose
im not really complicated i just believe theres no truth
is it wrong that im the type of dude who cant pick a side
id rather split morality in halfs and let the world pick its sides
good and evil, yin and yang theres gotta be a balance
so when i meet the purple dragon i compensate with talent
i occupy both sides
this world?
u can have it

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