August 1, 2011
The silent swings with broken chains
Which were once used for childhood games
The cracked blacktop that now grows weeds
Once was all we really need
The grass and sky were once enough
Because we didn't need all the fancy stuff
We were fine with the simple toys
Until innocence left the girls and boys
We grow up, and families break
And adults don't keep the promises they make
Your little treasures get thrown away
And your left with no time to play
You learn to speak with broken words
As your try to learn where you belong in the world
The kids laugh, and make you cry
And you cant fit in, even when you try
Mom and dad cant get along
And you find solace in a broken song
A boy trades in candy for pills
Trying to find hope through cheap thrills
A girl trades in her doll for a blade
Trying to escape the hell she made
A son trades in his friends for drugs
Trying to replace his father's nonexistent hugs
And a girl replaces soda for alcohol
To try and soften her long fall
The children grow up with a fear of love
And they fear they're not enough
The were never taught how to care
Growing up in a world so unfair
They learn to grow up way too fast
Lose childhood love that never lasts
We forget everything that makes sense
As we lose touch with our innocence

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