All I've Got

August 1, 2011
I know I need help
I hear it all the time,
But I can't give them up -
Those babies are mine.

Those sweet little things
That take me away -
Those sweet little things
Love me every single day.

And those little things
That love me so dear,
Have been there for me
For almost a year.

I keep them with me
During day and at night
So I have them close
After every little fight.

The fights that are bad
And when I need help
I go to the box
And get me some help.

Give me some water
And a couple pops here
Then a couple over there
So we'll see no more tears.

After they're in
And they've given a kick,
I might give a little more -
That'll do the trick.

So don't tell me no
And don't tell me to stop.
'Cause I love these babies -
They're all I've got.

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