John & Natalie's Love Poem

July 28, 2011
John and Natalie are good together making it better, even though there are some not so good times; they make a rhyme in every body's mind,
John is so shy knowing he thinks Natalie is so fine in his blue eyes, He can't seem to define his rights; Natalie is so bright, likes to fight but like to check if it's alright,
John and Natalie fights sometimes but knows how to make it look alright for everybody's eyes, through the good and bad they know how to correct the mistakes and make things right,
John and Natalie are a rhyme of sweet sunshine even though there are some cloudy times of days and nights,
John and Natalie knows their right for one another because they know how to make everything make since even if it may not to everybody else,
John and Natalie make everything right;
Natalie sitting on the back of the sky thinking out of site, she knows she can make it alright even though the joy of a baby boy is more than right,
Natalie goes to tell John we are one with the world of life and we have a bundle of life that is like a bundle of light,
John and Natalie look into one another’s eyes and say’s I dreamed of this day we would make a life and a bundle of joy named Liam Mcbain everything is more than alright it's perfect,
John and Natalie make it right in everyone's eyes and they fly away on a plane in the sky and married the day they became one of life.

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