One Little Word

July 28, 2011

Oh sweet little one, I know life has not been kind.
You’ve done nothing to deserve all the struggles in your mind.
When you came into this world, we wanted to give you everything and more
But your speech is out of our reach. It’s behind a locked door.
When you look up into our eyes we see your pain and how you feel powerless
We wish we could give you an answer or reason for this mess
You fell victim to the darkness and became a lost one
And we’re trying every day to undo all that evil has done
Give us a sign you understand us. That we haven’t gone unheard.
We don’t want anything else in the world. We just want one little word.
When frustration starts to take over and we’re at the end of our rope,
We’ll turn to the one thing we can always count on, the feeling of hope.
Our efforts and determination will also be things we won’t lack,
And we’ll always say we love you and we can’t wait until you say it back.

The author's comments:
It's about my little sister who has autism.

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