July 28, 2011

Ever wonder if you could go back to the moment where your whole world fell apart,
To the moment where grief, despair, and guilt were the only things found in your heart.
Maybe you would be able to speak to her, to the girl who seemed so broken
And tell her to fill her thoughts with memories not words left unspoken
Let her know that even though her life is a mess without much certainty to trace,
Time will slowly help pull all the pieces of her world back into place.
Make her believe that there is no comfort in searching for meaning or someone to blame
Because tragedy doesn’t have an answer and reason doesn’t have a name
Healing won’t happen overnight because grief isn’t something you can bury
Accept all the love you can to fill the emptiness and chase away the misery
Tell her how tomorrow is a gift and who receives happiness is never mistaken
And never let the pain keep you from grabbing onto all the opportunities you can.
You want to tell her these things to give her hope and some promise
that someday there will be light in mist of all the darkness
She may have a long road ahead with her childhood quickly left behind
Yet, for her to grow and have peace is something for her to only find
With time and patience, she’ll have this true growth that can’t be undone
Which will come from letting go of wanting to know the meaning and just trusting there is one.

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